The SSRL Research Discussion/Luncheon series continues this fall! We are celebrating the spirit of academic research this fall by promoting and sharing the research work of our fellows, staff, and visiting scholars. To show our support of our AU scholars, SSRL will host a series of research discussion luncheons. This year’s series kicks off with Leanne Roncolato’s presentation on regional patterns and global trends in productivity and employment growth.

Structure Matters: Regional Patterns and Global Trends in Productivity and Employment Growth

 Leanne will present her most recent work with David Kucera who examines the role of structural change in the development process and addresses concerns with regard to the declining employment intensity of growth. Specifically the paper investigates the nexus among labor productivity, employment, and economic growth for a large sample of developed, transition, and developing countries, using data disaggregated into seven industries. Movement between sectors, such as employment shifts from agriculture to manufacturing as well as productivity growth within sectors will be considered in the process of promoting sustained economic growth. The analysis reveals characteristics of the most successful late developers, distinctive regional patterns, and global trends in structural change.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!