In Google Earth, you figured out how to create place marks and create descriptions to go in the little bubble that appears after you hover over them.  But for some reason, the bubbles don’t look fancy enough to you. How can you add a photo to the bubble or change the background color? What if you want to have scrolling text on the side? How did those people in the Google Earth gallery make their bubbles so darn awesome?

Google has the answer for that (are you surprised?). If you want to make your bubble look a bit more professional, you can download one of the templates provided by the Google Earth team at Google.

Warning: There is a wee bit of coding involved. If you have prior knowledge to HTML, using the template will be easy, because the templates are basically HTML code that you embed in the description section of your bubble. (If you don’t have any HTML knowledge and are determined to learn this to create the best Google Earth bubble ever, please do not hesitate to contact the lab for assistance!)

Google provided an easy-to-follow video to accompany the templates. After you paste the template into your bubble, you’ll just need to edit the code the way you want it.


Again, if you have an interest in creating these bubbles and need help doing, please let a consultant know and we’ll help make your Google Earth bubbles unique for your data visualization!