Data Visualization

Below are some quick links to the online data visualization websites that we have blogged about:

Cacoo an online diagramming application that features a large stencil set that allows you to create various diagrams. Think of a diagram, and you can create it on Cacoo: we’re talking causal loop diagrams, flowcharts, mind maps, wireframes, etc.

Wordle is a data visualization tool that allows you to create word clouds out of any body of text that you like, and it’s easy and fun to do!

Many Eyes
Many Eyes is an experimental data visualization software designed by IBM that turns data presentation into a community activity. The website lets anyone upload data and choose how they want it to be expressed, and then gives people an opportunity to engage in discussions about the data. 

Gapminder allows you to select the development indicators between which you want to establish a relationship and then plots them on a graph with circles that represent individual countries. These bubbles are color-coded according to their respective regions, and their sizes indicate the relative size of the population of that country.

Google Earth
Download Google Earth for free at their website and get ready to navigate the world at your fingertips.

Google Docs
Upload your dataset on Google Docs and make charts, tables, and graphs! You’ll need a gmail account first.

Google Fusion Tables
Google Fusion Tables is a modern data management and publishing web application that makes it easy to visualize and publish data tables online. You can import your own data and visualize it instantly on tables, maps, graphs, and more.

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