NOAA image as of 11:00AM EDT 10/29/12

The East Coast is shutting down in preparation for Hurricane Sandy, and American University is no exception. But you don’t have to cancel your statistics, econometrics, or research methods course just because you can’t come to a lab – Use the online Virtual Computing Lab instead!

As this previous post explains, the VCL is a service that allows AU faculty, staff, and students to use their AU credentials to access a virtual desktop that’s loaded with SPSS and Stata.

Important links:

Access the VCL here:

Troubleshooting and FAQs:

Handouts on using SPSS and Stata via VCL: 1. SPSS handout: ; 2. Stata handout:

For any VCL related questions, please email us at or skype us using screen name: ctrl_research.

Good luck riding out the storm!



Since we here at the CTRL notebook are always interested in unique methods of data visualization, we’ll be following this amazing map of current wind patterns in the US as the storm progresses.