In response to student and faculty requests, CTRL is pleased to announce the implementation of the Virtual Computing Lab! The Virtual Computing Lab, or VCL, is a system that allows you to run applications remotely without having to download (and pay for!) software onto your personal computer, by accessing a remote server, like this:

Anywhere you have an internet connection, you can access your AU network G:/ and J:/ drives and use licensed software. So you can do your stats homework on SPSS in your pajamas, refine your research in STATA from your back porch, or save to your AU network drive from the coffee shop!

Accessing the VCL is easy. All of the instructions and details are online. You can just go to https://vcl.american.eduwhere you’ll reach the following screen:


Just log in with your AU credentials, select “connect” on the next screen, and you’ll be on the VCL. Within your browser window you’ll see a new screen – treat this screen as if it were a different computer, and get to work!  Be sure to log off when you’re done, just as you would from a shared computer.

If for some reason you have difficulties connecting or with saving data, check out the Frequently Asked Questions webpage. Support is also available by calling 202-885-3862 from 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM, or emailing

Stay tuned for more updates on ways the CTRL Research Support Group is helping the AU community reach its full research potential.