When I began grad school at AU I never imagined I’d be drawn to publishing my research. I was more interested in gaining knowledge and new practical skills for a second career. But after so many semesters and an intense thesis experience, I’ve learned to enjoy research! And now I want all that effort to contribute to existing knowledge, maybe spark some new research and more! I’ve learned that one way to do this is to publish. That, after all is the way this scholarly system works.

Recently there have been many emails through the SIS listserv about additional research opportunities pertaining to publishing. They aren’t offered in neat sequential order, I’m afraid. But I still think they’ll be valuable for other developing academics (or practioner-scholars).

  • Call for submissions to the Journal of International Service, the School of International Service’s premier academic journal. The deadline for the Fall 2012 journal is Feb. 12!! Submissions of 4500-8000 words emailed to editor AT journalofinternationalservice.org
  • Spring Research Symposium showcasing original research by graduate students at SIS.  The symposium will be held during the day on Monday, March 26, and will feature presentations of original research by students, as well as panel discussions with area professionals. Interested students should submit an abstract to SISGradResearch AT gmail.com by Wednesday, February 14.
  • “Write to get Published in Scholarly Journals” workshop presented by the Writing Center. Held Feb. 22, 5:30-7:00pm. Please RSVP to gradstudies AT american.edu by Feb. 19th.

So now I am not only writing my thesis, I am imagining ways to edit it for publication. May you also find a few of these resources helpful.

By: Crystal