Recently this blog has focused a lot on how you can use various data visualization tools for your research projects. We’re still dedicated to promoting how data visualization can enhance your research.  While data can look good in words or numbers, try experimenting with ways you can make your data exciting and really catch the attention of your reader or audience.

Not convinced? If you have about 20 minutes to spare, check out this TED talk that came out in July 2010: David McCandless is an independent data journalist and information designer who has written for publications like The Guardian and Wired.  In this presentation, McCandless shows how complex datasets can turn into stunning visualizations that can help you and your audience see the world.  While working with data, he offers his own perspective on the popular phrase “data is the new oil”. To McCandless, “data is the new soil” as it is a “fertile medium” where data visualization can literally “bloom” like flowers if you work it the right way.


The speaker also has a blog called “Information is Beautiful“. This blog is definitely worth checking out if you want to see how data visualization can be used to display various types of information in very unique, eye-catching ways. He uses data to visualize politics, the economy, social media, and trends in pop culture.

You’ll also learn that he absolutely hates pie charts. Find out why!