This Thursday CTRL was excited to host its first Open House, welcoming over 110 faculty and staff to tour a few new office locations, meet new staff and interact directly with our services. The event was hosted on the second floor of Hurst Hall with all four CTRL component offices now located in the same building.

In addition to speaking with our staff and nibbling on food, guests were invited to participate in a variety of activities. In the Social Sciences Resource Lab (SSRL), faculty and staff could log into virtual computing labs or learn about high-performance computing. We also discussed qualitative research support and demonstrated NVivo. And for some data visualization, we took a poll of words that describe CTRL to generate a Wordle.

The Online Learning staff offered best practice tips as well as other resources for teachers interested in teaching online. They also showcased videos that can prepare students for online courses.

The Teaching and Learning Resources group welcomed guests into their office space to play with technologies that can enhance teaching and learning. They also featured a row of green apples to highlight the Green Teaching Award and announced upcoming events including the annual Ann Ferren Conference to be held January 13, 2012.

On all counts, the event was a success! CTRL was able to introduce new initiatives that expand its mission, connect with faculty for future collaboration and remind the AU community where and who is behind programing and services that support teaching, research and learning across campus.