How to make many placemarks at the same time on Google Earth

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If you are familiar with Google Earth, you know that making placemarks and editing bubbles can actually be fun once you get the hang of creating them. However, when you have 50+ placemarks to create in your layer, you don’t want to spend your entire evening making little pinpoints everywhere, adding information, photos, videos…you have better things to do, like play the flight simulator.

We at the lab bring you good news: the awesome guys at Google actually created a spreadsheet where you can put all the data about your layer in one place and upload it to Google Earth. This is done with the Google Earth Spreadsheet Mapper.

It basically works like this: Download the Spreadsheet Mapper from Google Earth and open it in Google Docs. You’ll see that Google has cells for your to fill out the basic information about your layer, such as the name of the project and URL if you have one, and also instructions on how to connect your spreadsheet to Google Earth [example below]. In the tabs at the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the space where you input your coordinates and the additional data that goes in each placemark bubble. The template tabs help you customize the bubble template you choose for your placemarks.

Just plug in your information in the designated cells

Things to remember before you begin:

  • You’ll need coordinates in decimal form, not in degrees-minutes-seconds. You can find a converter online.
  • First check out the six bubble templates that Google Earth provides to get an idea of what you want your bubble to look like. Then, choose one of the templates for your layer.
  • Have all your images uploaded to a server. You’ll need the URL to add pictures to your bubble.

If you’re still confused, or need more information, the Spreadsheet Mapper website provides video tutorials and more detailed instructions on how to add your layer information.


Faculty and Staff: CTRL Open House – Thursday Nov. 10

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The Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning invites the faculty and staff members of the AU community to an open house to celebrate the new year, new initiatives, and our finally being all together in one place.  Please join us:

November 10, 2011
Hurst Hall, 2nd Floor
1:30 – 4:00 pm

There will be refreshments, demonstrations of our many research resources, and chance to meet the CTRL staff, and opportunities for audience participation!

We hope to see you there!

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