Some of you have experienced a strange mystery with your G: drive here in the lab.  We apologize for the inconvenience and we’re getting that fixed asap. In the meantime, we’ve got a temporary solution for you.

After you log into the computer with your user name and password you might not be able to see your G drive. Instead you just see this:

We are also 😦 that you're having trouble

What to do?  Go to the bottom right of the desktop and click on the upper arrow to launch the Novell client (that N in red, which is our magic key to access the American University network).

Now if you do a right click on the red N you can login again into the system.  (We know it is not ideal to make you login again but while our technicians fix this problem, this is the easiest fix).

When you login again is good practice to click on advanced settings to see if the Tree and Context are correct.  Novell should capture this information as soon as you type your user name, but sometimes it could have short delays in displaying it.  By the way, your context is something else that identifies you as a user of the AU network and typically starts with the first letter of your user name.  If you ever need to find it you can login to and retrieve it from your account.

This should do the trick.   But if it doesn’t, please contact one of the consultants at the lab for more help.

One common problem is that after doing all this you still get a window with an “X” for your G drive.  Do not panic, if you double click on your drive you still can access it.

Again, sorry that you are experiencing this problem. We ask you to please be patient while we work on correcting it!!