Today’s SSRL Research Discussion Luncheon was filled with thought-provoking presentations from Professor Jim Lee and PhD candidate Wendy Karamba. Here is a recap of the successful event if you missed it:

Wendy Karamba presented her research on migration and food consumption patterns in Ghana.  Since migrants self-select into migration, an instrumental variable approach is taken to analyze the relationship between migration and total food expenditures per captia, food expenditures across a range of food categories, and shares of food expenditures across these categories. Overall, the results indicate that migration does not substantially affect total food expenditures per capita, and has minimal noticeable effect on food expenditure patterns.

Prof. Lee’s research explores the policy and research implications of border conflicts.  In addition to discussing the importance of the study of borders in relation to potential conflict, Prof. Lee presented various border images from visual mapping tools, including Google Earth, and explained the political, environmental, and developmental impacts of these “imaginary lines”.

Students who attended the presentation enjoyed a meal while discussing the research of both Prof. Lee and Wendy Karamba. Feedback on research results, alternative research methods, and prospects for future study were brought up for discussion.

The next research discussion luncheon will be announced in the near future!