The simple answer to this question: It depends!

It depends not on whether you can repay us with delicious treats for our service (kidding, kidding), but on the type of software you want and if you are a student or faculty member. The three kinds of statistical software on demand for distribution are SAS, SPSS, and STATA. Here is our general policy on software distribution:


  • We can distribute SAS to both students and faculty on either a personal or AU-owned computer.


  • We do not distribute SPSS to students. Students who want to own a copy of SPSS on their personal computer must purchase the software online. You could also download a trial version of SPSS for a limited time use.
  • We can distribute SPSS to staff and faculty as long as the computer is AU-owned.


  • We do not distribute STATA to students. If you would like your own copy of STATA, you must purchase it online.
  • We can help you install STATA if you are staff or faculty and as long as your computer is AU-owned.

*AU-owned computer means that you have a computer or laptop that was distributed to you by American University.

For more information on additional software supported by our lab that we can or cannot distribute, visit out website to learn about statistical packages such as R, EViews, and alternative open source software.

Remember, all of these programs are installed on our lab computers where you can access them for FREE and even get FREE help if you have trouble using them. If you still have questions about the kinds of software our lab is able to distribute, please do not hesitate to ask a consultant.