Have you met our good friend Lynda? Her face is one you can’t miss…she sort of looks like MTV’s cartoon character Daria with her best friend Jane’s haircut. She can help you learn most of the leading software out there to enhance your skills for that job you want to land or that term project to you want to ace.

Lynda.com includes a collection of online video tutorials on how to use various software. The tutorials range from beginner level to showing more advanced features of the product. The video clips are generally short, usually between 2 and 10 minutes. And because they are videos, you can stop and go back at anytime to hear the instructor repeat the lesson. Unfortunately, Lynda.com doesn’t cover any statistical packages.

As an American University student or faculty member, you have free access to Lynda.com’s services online. Just log into your my.american.edu account >> Technology >> Web-based software training library. Some of the featured software that we do support in the lab that is found on Lynda.com are Dreamweaver and Excel (many of the media and design programs are supported by New Media Center, also located in Hurst). But don’t stop there! Make Lynda your best friend and learn a software you never knew before!