pinpoint Google Earth Pro

The Hurst lab gained a new addition to the family of supported software! Google Earth Pro, an upgraded version of the traditional Google Earth, is now available as a specialty program on one of our machines. Just look for the monitor labeled Google Earth Pro – that will be the only computer with the software installed.

The Pro version includes all of the same functions that regular Google Earth has, such as the satellite imagery database, the ability to explore any point on the planet or space, and the ability to search for buildings, streets, and parks. You will also find the tools to rotate and tilt the view in 3D or draw on your map on both versions.

It is different from Google Earth in four main ways:

1. High-resolution capability:
Google Earth Pro uses the same imagery database as the free version, so there are no changes to the locations you see in Google Earth Pro. However, with Google Earth Pro, you can print these locations at a higher resolution. You can save images in 1400, 2400, and 4800 pixels.

2. Includes GIS data input tools:
Import point, lines and path, and polygon vector data.

3. Area measurement:
In addition to measuring with a line or a path, you can measure with a circle radius or polygon. This is handy for finding the area of nontraditional shapes and sizes.

4. Movie maker:
You can use the Movie Maker feature of Google Earth to record 3D viewer imagery and save the recording as a movie file. You can either set the recorder to record your interactions with the 3D viewer in real-time, or you can set up a tour and record the entire tour without interruption.

Google Earth Pro is generally used for commercial use by NGOs and businesses, and now it is available to the students and faculty at AU. Grab the world by the click of a mouse and check out Google Earth in our lab. Regular Google Earth is also available on all the computers in the Hurst and SPA labs.