G drive access

How to access your G:/ drive from home

G is a letter of great importance to you. It’s not a letter grade (thank goodness), but it could save you as you work hard to make the grade you want.

When you work on any of the computers in our labs, it is vital that you save your work in a place that you can go back to you when you need it. The computers in our lab completely “refresh” after you log off, meaning that whatever you save to the computer (like to the Desktop, for instance), will disappear. The best way to save your work is to bring a USB flash drive or to save it on your G:/ drive. When you log into the network on campus, you’ll find the G:/ drive in My Computer.

So today you decided to work at home in your jammies instead of bracing the winter cold to get to campus. We totally sympathize. Did you know that you can you can still access the work that you’ve done on campus from home? You can, as long as you save your work on the G:/ drive on the network. Each student has a G:/ drive to access from home or from campus. Think of it as having a USB flash drive that you never have to carry and won’t get lost!

When you want to access it from home, log into your account on my.american.edu and select the “Technology” tab on the right hand side. Under “Personalized Links”, click on”Access My Network Drive”. You will be asked to enter your log-in information again, and voila, there you will find your G:/ drive and all the work that you’ve done.

Ask a consultant if you have any questions!