tutorial high-five


Hooray! The drop-in tutorial schedule is available!

How does a “drop-in tutorial” work, you ask?  The concept is quite simple. If you need help learning a specific statistics software, check the Spring 2011 Drop-In Tutorial schedule on the CTRL website and look for the day and time the tutorial is offered (for this semester. The schedule will change every semester). The schedule is also located on the bulletin boards outside of the Hurst and SPA labs. Even more exciting is that they are absolutely free and there is no registration required!

The advantage of these tutorials is that they are generally one-on-one, so if you had a burning question that you didn’t want to ask in class, you can ask one of our consultants without the pressure of twenty other people surrounding you. You also get your individual questions answered, and we’ll work with you at your pace so that you can understand the software better.

This semester, we have experts in SAS, SPSS, STATA, EViews, Python, and Dreamweaver. Our consultants work in both the Hurst and SPA labs, so check to see which tutorial you want to attend will be held. You can come in if you need a refresher on any of these programs, have a specific question, or just need a quick tutorial on how to get started. We will work with you no matter the level of your experience with these programs.

Although there is no registration required for any of the tutorials, you may call or email us to confirm your arrival if you’d like (but it’s not necessary). Also remember that the schedule reflects guaranteed times an expert on that software will be available. If you have a software question but can’t make the tutorial, you can still drop by one of the labs anytime and a consultant on duty will assist you.