class in session

You confidently walk into the Hurst or SPA lab, ready to tackle your stats assignments, when you stop abruptly at the sign taped to the door whose bold letters scream at you.  The words say “Class in Session,” but you understand that as “No Computers for You!”

But wait! Class is in session, yes, but not forever. We understand that frequent visitors to the lab have favorite machines they like to work on (although they’re all the same. But we don’t want to ruin your experience if you feel attached to one). And sometimes that special computer you like is in the classroom lab that is occasionally occupied. So take a deep breath. There is a way around this.

First, check the schedule of classes that is located both on the welcome screen in the Hurst lab or posted on the bulletin boards right outside of each lab. The schedule is posted every week, so you will always know what time a class will be in session in either of the labs. Also, 15 minutes before class begins, a consultant in the lab will alert you if a class is coming.

If you’re in the Hurst lab and the classroom is occupied, feel free to use any of the computers in Hurst 203, the general area. We do not schedule classes here so the computers are always available. If you want to work in SPA and there is a class, try coming to Hurst. And if both labs are full, you can try the Anderson Computing Complex. They have computers equipped with most of the same software that our labs have.  To transfer your work from one computer to another, make sure to save your work on your G:\ drive. That way you can keep your files with you no matter what computer you use on campus.

Don’t let that little sign rain on your parade! Ask a consultant if you need help finding out if a lab is free and where it is located.