Whether you are in the middle of writing your thesis or needing to start your semester project for your stats or quant class, we can help you find the data you need for your research.

Our website has a collection of databases and helpful links that students have found helpful in the past. They are categorized into global environment, human rights, finance, development, peace and conflict, opinion, and many more genres.

American University library has a plethora of resources for your research. You can check out the university’s Statistical Information Guide for domestic and international statistics on subjects that include demographics, economics, gender, and more.  American University is also a member institute in the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of Michigan. ICPSR gathers, maintains and disburses a large number of data sets to users interested in Social Science research. Our labs can link you to this “database of databases” and help you download your data if you need it.

Do not hesitate to ask any of the consultants for assistance as you search for these databases!