blue screen of death

It’s pretty safe to say that we work a lot with computers.  After all, we consultants are surrounded by over 70 computers in both the SSRL and SPA labs combined, so we’ve seen our fair share of  hardware and software malfunctions when they happen. If it happens in the lab, we’ll fix it in a jiffy and you’ll never notice there was a problem in the first place. If it happens to your personal computer…sorry. We can’t touch your laptop.

Our primary focus is to assist you with your statistical queries, to help you understand how to use and interpret data, and to help you gain software skills for academic research projects. We cannot help you install programs or crack codes, but we can help you learn a statistical or research program on your computer as long as it is one of the programs we support in the lab. Also, if you’re at home and you have a research problem, we prefer that you come visit us in the lab to seek assistance. We do not assist students or faculty with specific software questions on the phone.

But what if you really need someone to look at your computer because it’s been frozen on a scary, confusing notice screen for a week and you spilled coffee on it twice and now the spacebar doesn’t work?  The Office of Information Technology Help Desk would be a good first place to turn to. Even if they can’t perform the exact miracle you need, they can direct you where to go to ease your hardware/software woes.

If you’re unsure about what we can or cannot help you with, just give us a call (x3862) and we’ll figure it out together!