Chuck ”The Researcher’ Dickens could easily relate to the research lab environment. It was best of times, it was the worst of times, but only when he couldn’t find a spare computer in the Hurst lab because the classroom there was occupied and everyone else was trying to snag a machine to do their work. (He had a statistics novel to write, for crying out loud!) On top of that, the consultant suggested that he try the SPA lab. Where is that, anyway? (In case you really don’t know,  it’s in the sub-terrace of Ward , aka. the very very bottom floor of the School of Public Affairs.)

Is there a difference between these labs? Yes and no. If you’re seeking the same programs and software that are located in the computers of Hurst, you will be happy to find the exact same ones installed in the SPA lab, including SPSS, Stata, and SAS. Even more, you’ll find a consultant at your disposal in each lab so that you can get quick answers if you run into any trouble. Printing is also available in both labs.

However, there are some specialty programs that are only available in the Hurst lab. A copy of the software is installed in one of the Hurst computers. These specialty programs include: LWC, NVIVO, ARCGIS, NLOGIT, and STAT TRANSFER.

The operating hours for each lab are also different; for example, SPA is not open on the weekends. Also keep in mind that the Anderson Computing Complex has labs equipped with statistics software.

So onward to these statistics labs, as great expectations and research knowledge await you!